If you're curious to know more about my history with Film and Digital cameras - here's a list and some stand-out models explained in a little more detail. I have a passion for photography and cameras design. I love talking about this stuff, so before I get into any reviews I will briefly explain some of the amazing light capturing devices that I have owned.


It all started for me in the mid 1980's. I grew up borrowing my Dad's Pentax MX, which he had 3 prime lenses for (28, 50 & 135) and to this day I still use those (on film and digital). This was a beautifully small a solid feeling silver SLR. The meter stopped working a decade or two ago, but being mechanical it doesn't stop the camera from working.


During my second year of college I took a course on photography, where I borrowed a Pentax K1000 from the class. This was perhaps even more sturdy than the MX, but it was also larger and heavier. Being also mechanical, with a light meter and a 1/1000th top shutter speed it was nearly identical in operation to the MX.


The 1st camera on the list (the Pentax P30n) is the first one that I actually owned. This was bought for me as my interest in photography started to grow. Many other cameras that I have owned since I have unfortunately sold, but I keep this one around for sentimental reasons. Although I no longer have the 28-80 zoom lens it came with the camera itself still works.


I bought the Fuji 6900z years after losing interest in analogue film. Primarily this was to shoot textures for 3D, but it rekindled my interest in stills photography. I really didn't like it's functionality however and I lusted after a digital SLR so that it would feel more like the cameras I had used before. The Fuji S2 Pro was my response to this feeling. I would have loved a digital Pentax but they didn't exist at the time. Although initially loyal to Fuji the S2 was my gateway drug to Nikon DLSRs because it used the Nikon F mount and I started to gather a collection of lenses. Years on, the only digital Nikon camera I ever really loved was the D3, so it seems extra fitting that this first image shows it next to the first camera I ever used. This example of the D3's behemoth size illustrates why I ultimately switched to the Sony A7 range. 

  • Pentax P30n

  • Pentax SF7

  • Pentax MZ5

  • Fuji 6900z

  • Fuji S2

  • Nikon D2H

  • Nikon D70s

  • Nikon D200

  • Ricoh GR1

  • Canon G9 (IR)

  • Hasselblad 500cm

  • Nikon F100

  • ​Canon 40D (IR)

  • Canon 5D

  • Nikon D3

  • Zero 2000

  • Panasonic LX3

  • Mamiya C330f

  • Fuji X100

  • Nikon D600

  • Sony A7 (FS)

  • Sony A7II

  • Sony A7 (IR)

  • Canon A1

  • Konica C35

  • Nikon FM3A

  • Leica IIIa

  • Canon IV SB

  • Pentax Spotmatic

  • Nikon F

  • Canon P Black

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