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Infrared (Digital) - Photography Guide

Here are a few interesting cameras for shooting infrared photography

1. Fuji X100 + 720nm IR Filter - Handheld

It's quite rare, but some cameras are so sensitive to infrared (without conversion) that they can be used to shoot handheld IR with a simple 720nm filter added to the lens. The Fuji X100 is such a camera. On a sunny day it's possible to get results at 1/15th, f/2, iso 1600 which is usable in a pinch for hand-held shooting. I'm not sure about the later models, but if I manage to test them I will report back. This provides a little colour separation with the 720nm filter, although you're probably better off just desaturating it to pure B&W I feel, but here's what I got, so you can make up your own mind...

Fuji X100 (Non-Converted) + 720nm IR Filter

2.5s, f/5.6, iso 200

Due to the rangefinder style of the Fuji X100's viewfinder both the optical and electronic views work when the infrared filter is attached to the lens. The lens is good for infrared but not perfect, it will produce a hotspot in tricky, high contrast scenes with a flat dark centre.


  • No conversion needed (if you have an Fuji X100)

  • Focusing works accurately (because mirrorless)

  • Both viewfinders work with IR filter attached


  • Poor exposure & noise values (hand-held)

  • 720nm IR doesn't have much colour separation

  • Smaller apertures require long exposures

  • Slight hotspot (doesn't show up often)

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