FUJI X100 - Compact Retro Camera Heaven


The Fuji X100 was a camera that I wanted from the moment I saw the marketing (early 2011). I didn't buy it straight away only because I couldn't afford it. I ended up buying one when I found out that Fuji sell cameras that they have refurbished themselves on their own website. Not only could you trust that these cameras had been repaired properly, but they came with good warranties (often 1 year) and they were very reasonably priced too, often beating Ebay prices! I bought the original X100 when the 'S' model was just announced and it cost me £400. That still feels like a bargain now, almost 5 years on. 


If It Isn't Broken

This has been my longest standing digital camera. Perhaps one of the reasons that Fuji has kept this design so unaltered over four generations is that there is little wrong with this design. The sensor has stayed the same size, only changing slightly in specification and the lens has not changed at all. That's quite amazing!

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