Early Experiments

I discovered 3D modelling in 1998 and taught myself how to use 3D Studio (the DOS one, before it was called 3Ds Max). The first thing I decided to make were sci-fi environments that helped me visualise some things for my comic drawings. They look simple now, but it's interesting that I was experiemting with reflections, fog, depth of field and height-maps in a pre-youtube tutorial era.


First Game Mesh

This was the first things I modelled when starting in the games industry. I remember learning more in my first week here (Codemasters) than I had the whole year prior. This Opel Astra was one of the DTM cars, made for "Pro Race Driver" game (2000).

Cars - Astra.jpg

Newer Stuff

This next image shows refining a photoscanning workflow for the lower part of a tree, to be use with Speedtree. This involved using a tripod, remote shutter and colour checker passport to get the most clean, colour accurate reference images possible. This experiment also involved taking 16bit 16k textures as far along the process as possible. The final textures are then pixel binned to 8k resolution and uncompressed 8bit output only at the very last stage, to insure the highest possible quality. These results are then fed in to Speedtree 9 to make the rest of the tree (coming soon)...