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A photo series of a cat that turned up on my parents doorstep one day and never left. Something tells me that he was abused, but he certainly isn't any more. I love this cat, even if he won't let me rub his belly.


Published in Aug 2011, this book takes a look through the photos I had taken using the technique and explains some of the rules that I'd used to create them. As well as explaining some of the post production by showing the size of the cropped image versus it's original stitch.

book cover.JPG

My second tutorial book for the 'Bokeh Pano' photography technique. This was made during the initial stages of the Covid Pandemic (Mid 2020). It uses sample images that I have taken over the last decade and includes more technical aspects.



A collection of my photographs of red squirrels from my time in Sweden. These magical creatures captivated me enough to shoot so many images of them that I didn't know what to do with, so... I stuck them in a book


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