FUJI X100 - Compact Retro Camera Heaven


The Fuji X100 was a camera that I wanted from the moment I saw the marketing (late 2010). I bought it a little later on as a backup for my DSLR of the time (Nikon D3), but the X100 became my go to travel camera for years after that. 



If It Isn't Broken

This has been my longest standing digital camera. Perhaps one of the reasons that Fuji has kept this design so unaltered over five generations is that there is little wrong with it. The sensor has stayed the same size, only changing slightly in specification and the lens has not changed at all. That's quite amazing!


Infrared Walk - Richmond To Kew

Surprisingly, the weather was brilliant this bank holiday weekend, so we chose to have a peaceful walk through some pretty landscapes while taking photos. With spring finally kicking in we decided to finally do the Richmond to Kew Gardens walk along the Thames. I chose to take some infrared (IR) photos.


Technical Info

  • All of the following photos are taken using a stock Fuji X100.

  • The filter used was a 49mm Hoya R72 (720nm), which requires an adaptor.

  • The processing used here is the 'False Colour' technique, which entails swapping the red and blue channels around. 

This camera and filter can be used hand-held, but requires ISO values of 1600 or above. You can then get away with 1/4th - 1/40th of a second exposures @ f/2. However, today I wanted some sharper and more grain free images, so I took a tripod (Gitzo/Mafrotto mix). There was a lot of wispy clouds here but the sun was consistently strong and it gave exposures between 3-10 seconds @ f/5.6 using ISO 200.

Right, on to the images...


We had only 5 minutes to wait for the train to Richmond. Just enough time to set up the tripod and the camera for my first infrared photo of the day, so I grabbed this shot to mark the beginning of our journey.


The first bit of Thames we saw after walking through Richmond center from the station. I was quite lucky to get this paddle steamer as it left just after I took this photo. At this point we started walking north along the Thames (right). This took us around a park, a golf course and eventually Kew itself, but the entrance to the gardens were still about a mile beyond that point.