I have worked as a 3D artist in the video games industry in three countries over the last twenty years. Environments have been my primary focus. Designing a building architecture, infrastructure and natural landscapes. More recently I was also able to design and tune races alongside the infrastructure. Combining all these disciplines into a single role enabled our team to more rapidly prototype a fun a robust driving experience with a large aesthetic open world.

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I was born in the south west of England, in 1978 and lived in a small village untill I went to university in Surrey, near London. I currently live in Göteborg, Sweden with my wife, Haydee (who took this photo of me).


Growing up, I was mostly interested in technical drawing and graphic novel style images. This evolved to 3D art while I was in university. That helped me land a job in the games industry after graduation. Using my father's Pentax MX got me interested in cameras & photography from as far back as 1982 . My primary photographic interests today are Infrared and Bokeh Panorama . I enjoy reviewing and even designing camera gear, which I never have enough time for.

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