This website started as a portfolio for my photography and evolved to include tutorials for techniques, equipment reviews, infrared lens testing and more. I would like to expand into video tutorials in the future as well. My current project involves finding and reviewing the oldest digital SLR cameras that I can find. Anything over 20 years old can be very problematic to use today due to out of date software, obscure batteries, rare/expensive chargers, oddly small memory restrictions, formatting that requires SCSI connectors, lack of raw file support and various other issues that make them harder to use than film cameras and often providing considerably worse image quality. It's a fun look back at the emerging technology that really makes you appreciate what we have today. This in turn inspired me to write an article about "The Life And Death Of The DSLR".



Over the last twenty years I have worked as a 3D artist in the video games industry - designing, making & bug fixing Environments. This work has included: Building architecture, infrastructure and natural landscapes. Photo-scanning, modelling, texturing, UV'ing smaller assets as well as story telling through set dressing areas with props, foliage, decals, splines, terrain and procedural systems. Recently I was also able to design and tune race tracks alongside creating & managing infrastructure and the surrounding landscape. Combining all these disciplines into a single role enabled our small team to more rapidly prototype and iterate a fun and robust driving experience in a very large open world aesthetic with several biomes, which was an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience!

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