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Cars are a great subject to show of the extreme isolation of Bokeh Pano photography. A “Bokeh Pano” is a stitched panorama, made up from shallow depth of field photos, taken on a longer (focal length) lens, with a large entrance pupil. The "entrance pupil" of your lens describes the size of aperture, as viewed through the front elements. You can work this out by dividing the focal length by the f-stop. For example the lens above (85mm f/1.4) is 61mm when wide open (@ f/1.4).

For a more detailed explanation of the technique GO HERE.



Stitched from 30 images, shot with the Zeiss Planar 85mm f/1.4 ZF-IR lens

Taken with a full spectrum Sony A7 + 830nm infrared filter

Equivalent DoF to a 24mm f/0.4 lens single full frame image

To assure impressive subject isolation; Get as close to your subject as you can, while keeping as much distance between the subject and background (preferably not sky) as possible. Combine this with using a lens that has a large entrance pupil. This technique can allow relatively budget equipment to emulate cameras and/or lenses that (if they existed) would be prohibitively large, heavy & expensive.

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