I have a passion for photography and cameras design. If you're curious to know more about my history with Film and Digital cameras - here is a list and some stand-out models explained in a little more detail.

The Beginning

It all started for me in the mid 1980's. I grew up borrowing my Dad's Pentax MX and 3 prime lenses (28, 50 & 135). To this day I still use those lenses on film and digital. This was a beautifully small a solid SLR. The meter stopped working a decade or two ago, but not being attached to the mechanical systems it didn't stop the camera from working. Like many others, I used a Pentax K1000 during college and that was essentially a larger version of the MX.

My Cameras

The first camera I owned, and thus the 1st one on the list, is the Pentax P30n. This was bought for me as my interest in photography started to grow. Many other cameras that I have owned since I have unfortunately sold, but I keep this one around for sentimental reasons. Although I no longer have the 28-80 zoom lens it came with the camera itself still works. Through my university years I bought a few other Pentax cameras, but my interest in the photography itself still hadn't taken hold. My interest at this point was still in the devices themselves and I guess that's something I never really lost. What did fade from this point on however was any brand loyalty that I had for Pentax


Since Pentax didn't really have anything interesting in the early days of digital my attention drifted elsewhere. I bought the Fuji 6900z many years after losing interest in analogue film. Primarily this was to shoot textures for 3D, but it unwittingly rekindled my interest in the photography itself. The convenience of digital was undeniable, but I really didn't like the early Fuji's functionality. I lusted after a digital SLR so that it would feel more like the cameras I used to use. This kept me away from Pentax completely as they did not develop DSLRs until many years later. This led me to the Fuji S2 Pro. Although I was initially fairly happy with the S2 it marked the end of Fuji for me due to the horrible pixel interpolation. Since the S2 used the Nikon F mount it acted as a convenient gateway to Nikon's DLSRs. I went from the terrible 12 megapixels of the Fuji to a prestine 4 megapixels in the Nikon D2H. Nikon's image processing was so good by comparison that I remained with them for many generations.

  • Pentax P30n

  • Pentax SF7

  • Pentax MZ5

  • Fuji 6900z

  • Fuji S2

  • Nikon D2H

  • Nikon D70s

  • Nikon D200

  • Ricoh GR1

  • Canon G9 (IR)

  • Hasselblad 500cm

  • Nikon F100

  • ​Canon 40D (IR)

  • Canon 5D

  • Nikon D3

  • Zero 2000

  • Panasonic LX3

  • Mamiya C330f

  • Fuji X100

  • Pentax MX

  • Nikon D600

  • Sony A7 (FS)

  • Sony A7II

  • Sony A7 (IR)

  • Canon A1

  • Konica C35

  • Nikon FM3A

  • Leica IIIa

  • Sony A7III (FS)

  • Canon IV SB

  • Pentax Spotmatic

  • Nikon F

  • Canon P Black

  • Canon F1

  • Nikon D1

  • Sony A7R (FS)

  • Nikon D3

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