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Codemasters (20002005)

  • Pro Race Driver

  • Colin McRae Rally


Guerrilla Games (20052008)

  • Killzone Liberation

  • Killzone 2


Rocksteady Studios (20092016)

  • Batman: Arkham City + DLC

  • Batman: Arkham Knight + DLC

  • Arkham VR

EA - Ghost (20162020)

  • Need For Speed: Payback

  • Need For Speed: Heat

EA - Motive (2020)

  • Star Wars Squadrons

EA - DICE (20202021)

  • Battlefield 2042 + DLC

EA - Vancouver (2022now)

  • Frostbite Technology: Terrain Team



Over the last 21 years I have worked as an Environment Artist (World Builder, Level Artsit) at Four 'AAA' studios (on more than fifteen projects). My experience consists of:


  • Modelling & Texturing

  • Architectural Concepts

  • Modular building construction

  • Sculpting Terrain & Painting Mask

  • Procedural Terrain Setup

  • Designing Roads & Race Tracks

  • Scene Management

  • Photo Scanning

  • Scene Optimization & Bug Fixing

  • Documentation & Outsourcing

  • Destruction / Physics Setup

  • Designing Editor Tools


  • 3DS Max

  • Maya

  • Substance

  • Photoshop

  • Gaea

  • Metashape + Delighter

  • X Normal

  • SpeedTree

  • Z-Brush

  • Unreal 3,4,5

  • Frostbite 2016-2022

  • Perforce


Need For Speed: Heat - Top Thrill Race (Grey Box - Final Art)

I was one of five "World Builders" on this project, working at Ghost Games in Gothenburg, Sweden. This was one of 8 races that I designed and built for my area of the map (financial district of the city). My responsibilities were designing the map, terrain sculpting, making roads, green spaces, race routes, sidewalks and scene management (placing foliage, walls, barriers, assets etc.). I chose which buildings would be used from Miami, designed others and managed the outsourcing would tackle them.


Batman: Arkham Knight - Tumbler DLC (Final Art)

I was the sole artist for this level, Working closely with a designer, who had made the grey box for this area. This was made after I had completed several pieces of architecture and scene management for the main game, at Rocksteady Studios in London (UK).

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