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Here are some of the red squirrel characters that we have met, fed and photographed since living in Sweden. I had always been looking for them here, since we don't have easy access to red squirrels in the UK, but it took us five years to find any friendly ones. These squirrel characters are organised by area, as there are three locations that we managed to find them...

City Park

This was the first areas that we found friendly squirrels, in Gothenburg. It's not the most pretty location, but it does have some of the prettiest and most friendly squirrels that we have seen...


▼ CP.01 ▼

Name: Jen

Actress: Catherine Parkinson

From: The IT Crowd

First Seen: 26th December 2021

Last Seen: Mid June 2023

When we met Jen she immediately climbed us to say hello... or possibly to see what food we had, but regardless it was a magical experience that we will never forget. She was the first friendly red squirrel we had met. We have never seen one so friendly since and doubt that any other will have as much character or trust in people as she did. My logo is traced from one of her photos (below mid).

Jen had a rather uncharacteristically short nose and round face. In the winter the extra next fluff would give her a cute teddy bear look, especially from front on where she has the cutest fluffy cheeks.

Her friendly spirit, willingness to sit in our hand and confidence to take food without test biting really stood out. We will always miss her. Wild squirrels are lucky to live up to three years of age and she did at least that as she was at least one year old when we first saw her. We know that she had lots of babies, so it's likely that we continue to see her progeny. We have some suspicions as to who some of them might be...


▼ CP.02 ▼

Name: Willow

Actress: Allison Hanigan

From: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

First Seen: Late 2021

Last Seen: Early 2023


We met Willow around the same time and place as Jen. She was not quite friendly enough to climb us, but would let us touch her nose. She had a similarly sweet nature to Jen, but was a little more timid. She had possibly an even shorter nose than Jen, giving her a more chipmunk than rat look, even in the summer.

We also don't see Willow any more, from a similar time to when Jen stopped showing up.


▼ CP.03 ▼

Name: Herr Kartoffel (Mr Potato)

Why: He's a potato

First Seen: March 2023

Last Seen: -

Potato was first seen (top left) in during a short batch of snowfall. His cute fluffy cheeks reminded us of Jen, who was being unusually nice to him, so read into that what you will. He has this compact shape and lack of neck that led my wife to affectionately call him "Mr Potato". His button nose makes him even more adorable and his ear tufts look somewhat messy. They're less pointy and more spread out backwards, but he is the cutest squirrel we have ever seen. He was the first to lose his winter coat in 2024, but when he did his main fur gets really dark and his arms very deep red (bottom right).

He has a favourite spot in the tree that he likes to sit, just out of reach so we leave food for him there. From there he will sit and look at you while tilting his head. As if he needed to look any more adorable (centre pic).


▼ CP.04 ▼

Name: Scarlett

Why: Scarlett Johansen

First Seen: March 2023

Last Seen: -

Possible sister to "Potato", Scarlet was first seen in the same snowfall (top right). She has similar neck fluff, but an extra wide white line of fur that looks like a smile (top centre) when she's eating. She also has an even more adorably derpy overbite than Potato. She is quite a bit more nervous than the older generation of squirrels that preceded her, but she is a little more comfortable getting close to people than Potato is.

Magical Forest

We call this location the 'Magical Forest' because birds will fly to your hand here (Great Tits, Blue Tits and Chaffinches), so you can feel a bit like a Disney princess. On top of that this place pretty consistently has friendly woodpeckers, multiple squirrels and even the occasional wood vole.


▼ MF.01 ▼

Name: Ginger Spice

Why: Spice Girls

First Seen: April 2024

Last Seen: -

Emerging from the trees in the spring of 2024, this little female was full of sass character. She was a little timid, but will take things from your hand after a few seconds of dancing around you.