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It's getting on towards 2018 now and it seems like a great time to be shooting film. Lots of film options are still around, some are being reintroduced and there's even some new ones coming out. This list contains all the 35mm film rolls that I could find available to buy in Europe today. I'll do a separate list for medium format soon as it's a bit different. For those looking for examples of what each film's general characteristics look like you can click on the name of each film below...









*C  -       C-41 dev b&w 

*O -       OOS (due to be introduced / remade)

*IR -       B&W film sensitive to infrared

*P -        Can be developed as Positive

*A -        Arty / colour tints  etc.

*MB -     B&W Motion Picture Film (No Rem-Jet)

*MC -     Color Motion Picture Film (Rem-Jet)

 *AM -    Adapted from Color Motion Picture Film

ISO: The values stated are usually a suggestion of where the film best performs. If not part of the name I have included them here in brackets. They often have a range as a suggestion but this will depend on who you ask.

No Reposts: I didn't include things like 'Oriental Seagull' because it's made exclusively for the Japanese market by the same company who makes Ilford film (probably a re-brand).

Motion Picture Film: All color motion picture film has a protective 'Rem-Jet' Coating, which needs to be removed before developing. Development is usually done in ECN2 chemistry (not C41). Because they're hand-rolled they also have no DX coding, so won't work in some cameras. If you want color motion picture film style/quality without the faff then check out CineStill's 50 & 800 ASA films. Since these are adapted motion picture films they've had the Rem-Jet layer removed and are intended to be processed in C-41 chemicals.

No Hippy Crap: I've purposely not included any film that has pre-exposed "things" on them (aliens, Lightning, hearts etc.). There's 'arty' and then there's silly, so some of Kono's and all of Revolog's stock is not shown above. 'Lomography Color Neg F²' is dangerously close to being removed from this list because it often has a pink line across it's surface.


Here are a few of my favourite places for buying film. This is mostly UK stuff right now, but I will expand this as I learn more:

  • Nik & Trick - Amazing for rare films (like the motion picture stuff listed above). Prices are very reasonable and they ship internationally

  • Photo UK - UK only, but amazing prices on many films.

  • Poundland - UK only (not online), only 24exp (Agfa colour I think), but one hell of a bargain and not a bad film apparently.

I have to talk more about Nik & Trick (not sponsored) because of the amazing stock they seem to be able to get their hands on. I just bought a bunch of colour infrared rolls from them. It won't be available for long, but wow... If you don't know, colour IR is like rocking horse shit! Plus the chemicals for home developing they have look amazing (including ECN2 and B&W reversal kits). Stuff that is way beyond my current skill set at the moment, but I want to get into it soon.  

Below is the haul from my last b&w film purchasing spree. I wanted a good spread of things to try out. Ignoring Kodak because I had been shooting quite a bit of that up to this point. I am looking forward to putting this through the new camera. I will mix this up with some various colour negative and slide film too, but will source that from somewhere else. This was bought from Brunos, in stockholm. They have a good selection.

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