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Meze 12" Classics - Review


Review by: Haydee Noble - Thank you to Meze Audio for supplying the '12C' to review.

Ever since I can remember, music has been an important part of my life and good sound has always been a crucial part when doing so. My taste in music varies a lot and most of the time it is hard to find the right headphones that make every genre sound as good as possible. After having the opportunity of trying many different Hi-Fi headphones and earphones over the years, I've come to notice how much a good pair can vastly improve one's experience. Recently, I have found myself enjoying massively the Meze 99 Classics. They are fantastic! I am constantly reaching for them. The sound is clear, crisp but with a very decent bass. More than anything, these headphones are very fun! Their good looks and comfort are really just a plus. Needless to say, I was absolutely excited to try their 12" Classics in earphones. This is what I can say about them after using them under different set ups for the last weeks: 


At the moment I received the 12" Classics I had been using the Flare Audio earphones and I have to say that I had been enjoying them quite a lot so whatever I was going to try next needed to be on the same level or better than them. Full enjoyment of the 12" Classics didn't happen right away, I must say, as it happened with the Meze 99 Classics which I've had the chance to use for months now.  However, as I kept using them, I found myself really enjoying them as much.  Their sound is very enjoyable with a decent bass and crisp mid-ranges. They provide a pleasant experience overall and they definitely improve their sound with time! The bass is not as strong as I would prefer with some genres but it works very well as all-around earphones on their price range.



It is impossible to not notice how beautiful the Meze products are. The 12" Classics are no exception, they are stunning! They look and feel elegant. The mix of materials on their build is just beautiful.  The little hard case they come with is a great accessory to keep them safe.  


Here's a list of some music that I tried with these headphones which I will use to help me describe their sound.

  • 'Billie Jean' by Michael Jackson – This bass-driven piece shines bright with the 12" Classics. The overall sound falls a little on the high end of the spectrum when I often prefer bassier sounds, however, as the earphones get more use, the sound improves considerably. 

  • 'A lo Cubano' by Orishas - This song sounds amazing! The strong latin and hip-hop rhythms are as enjoyable as ever through the 12" Classics 

  • 'Missing' by Everything But The Girl - The vocals are as enjoyable as the melody. The earphones deliver their best sound yet with this kind of songs.  

  • 'Something Just Like This' by Cold Play – This is one of the first songs where I noticed the change that burning time caused on the earphones. The sound improved so much and made this vibrant song even better.



  • Clear and fun sound 

  • Comfortable fit 

  • Beautiful design 

  • Amazing build 

  • Microphone and remote compatible with all 3.5mm ports


  • Some cable noise (They can produce noise when the cable touches clothes or any other surface) 

  • No volume controls  

  • Bass is not as high as I would like but that is just my personal preference.  


These earphones are very comfortable. The length of the cable works well when in use and the phone is stored in my bag, however, I think it can be a little too short if you like to store your phone in your back pocket. They come with different sized silicone tips and an extra pair of foam tips. These last ones are my favourites since to me they isolate the sound better in and out.  




After trying the Meze 99 Classics and loving them, I had big expectations from the 12" Classics since I was looking to get a replacement from my previous earphones. As I mentioned before, it took me a little bit longer than I expected to get full enjoyment out of them but they suddenly clicked in. There are a few things I would change on them but overall, I can only say that these are a great pair of earphones with stunning design, beautiful materials and great sound, especially when considering their price! I highly recommend them!

Posted 26th July 2018

by Edd

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